HI, my name is Angie, I live in Newaygo County, Michigan.
I have a 4 dozen BO hens, one unknown roo, and a dozen Araucanas and a very old unknown hen that I rescued named Delores.
Delores is blind she has totally cloudy eyes, everyday I fill her food dish and she comes right to it and slowly makes pecking swings until she comes in contact with her food, her water dish is always in the same spot for her and she visits it several times a day. She loves my 5 year old grandson Jack, when he comes to visit he gets her out of her pen and hauls her around with him around the farm, she seems to really like his company, infact she recently visited our neighbors house when she heard their grandson outside playing, she went over and tryed to cuddle up to him, he freeked out and cried. We think she mistook him for our grandson.