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  1. aceschix
    To ship Now or any time I can offer: Hatching eggs 6+ from: my project Birchen Marans 1 Roo, 4 hens [​IMG] [​IMG] 6+ BBS Cochins 2 Roos (one is Frizzled) 11 Hens [​IMG] [​IMG] 6+ Wheaten & Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas Wheaten Roo and Blue Wheaten Roo over 13 Hens [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] or 2 - 1/2 Pint jars of homemade home grown Jam (choose 2) Blueberry Triple-berry (blueberry, strawberry and blackberry) Medium Pepper jelly Medium Salsa or Spring 6+ Hatching eggs from BLRW [​IMG] BBS Cochins (above) [​IMG] Owed to me: KrazyKat0373 Jubilee Orps in Jan Paypal Swap 5/7/13 Post # 10101 KrazyKat0373 Jubilee Orps in Jan Paypal Swap 5/7/13 Post # 10108 reesepoultry 8 Guinea eggs in Spring Paypal Swap 12/10/12 post #4795 8 Guinea Eggs: Chocolate, French, Pied, Lavender, Pearl Kraftyladies. Crele or LF Choc Orps. Paypal swap 12/27/12 Post # 7152 RECEIVED! Crazypetlady Jubilee Orps Paypal Swap 12/28/12. Post. # 7598 Madamwlf. Tolbunts x2 swaps Paypal Swap 12/29/12. Post #7893 1 swap received from CPL Kraftyladies 6 LF Choc. or LC Orps X2 WYGS. 12/29/12. Post #11407 & #11410 RECEIVED! Kraftyladies. Side swap 1/7/13. 18 Ams (SENT) for a 6+ swap of LF choc and 6+ swap Crele orp later spring for a dbl swap of the ams? Crfarm 6+ Birchen Marans Paypal swap 11/26/12. RECEIVED! madamwlf 6 CCL Paypal Swap 12/20/12 post #5446. RECEIVED! Juststruttin 6 MF Leghorns. Paypal Swap 12/26/12. Post #. RECEIVED! Crfarm 6 Darkest of the dark Marans. Paypal swap 12/27/12. Post # 7128. RECEIVED! Cjwaldon CCL - 2weeks Paypal Swap 12/27/12. Post # 7172. RECEIVED!! 202rosterlane 8 german NH reds (maybe extras ;). Paypal swap 12/28/12 Post #7652 RECEIVED! I Owe Cjwaldon 8 BLRW Paypal Swap 12/27/12. SENT. 1/2/13 Herducks. BLRW WYGS 12/29/12. SENT 1/2/13 Kraftyladies. Blueberry and apple pie jams. WYGS 12/29/12. SENT 1/2/13 Peggy-sue. Marans. WYGS. 12/29/12. SENT 1/3/13 Chickenbelle. 6+ BLRW. Pp swap. 1/2/13. SENT ProTi. 6+. Something. Pp swap. 1/7/13. SENT BHep. 6+ BBS Cochins. Pp swap. 1/17. SENT Nakanich. 6+ BBS Cochins. PP swap. 1/17 # 1374. SENT Ayeupchick. 6+ Ams. PP swap. 2/1/13. SENT

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  1. krazykat0373
    Could I order some Ameraucana eggs? What would you charge for 18? I really don't have anything to swap but maybe some turkey eggs, once I find out if they are fertile, (pure Royal Palm, and RPxGolden Narragansett, they are in the same pen, so I wouldn't be able to tell which eggs are which) I have two hens laying and put 19 eggs in the bator saturday, so wont really be able to tell anything until this sunday or so..... or black sexlink eggs...but looking at your birds, I wouldn't imagine you would be interested in a "mutt" breed.
  2. marquisella
    What line are your birchen Marans from?

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