Welcome to my BYC page!! We live in a small suburb of Indianapolis and have a small backyard flock. We became chicken owners in July 2008. I have been on BYC since June of '08 and gave up lurking in September '08 and became a real member. We had our chicks in a small indoor coop in the corner of our garage until April of 2009. They free range every day in our rather small backyard. They love my garden area and are not happy that we put up a fence around it! We also have three large dogs and they all roam the yard together. We have fruit trees and an ornamental pond with waterfall and fish. Quite a lot going on in a small area. So the peach trees are the "orchard", the garden is the "north 40" or the "field", the garage is the "barn" and the pond is, well, "the pond". lol And since the economy isn't what it should be anymore and our house value has dropped so dramatically, we've decided to give up on our dream of owning a farm and have been reduced to live in farm fantasy land. In the city. Such is life. When you get lemons, make lemonade!