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  1. adirondak5
    I built this coop this past summer/fall . I didn't have plans but I had an idea in my head what I wanted and it came out pretty close to what I envisioned . I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and just list the size and the features . The coop itself is 6' wide x 5' long and just about 6' tall from floor to peak of roof . Roof is 6 - 12 pitch metal roof panels , siding is Smart Siding pre primed , windows are from Shed Windows And More , they are 14" x 27" , nest box is a 3 nest box with outside access . The attached roofed over run is 8' long x 6' wide and the coop is 20" off the groung so with the under portion of the coop toatl run size is 13' x 6' . The pop door is a Ladies First automatic door . There are also 2 wifi video cameras , one inside the coop , one in the run , they are Wyze cameras , very inexpensive and they work quite well . I also installed a power strip in the coop so I can plug in a water heater in the winter and it also powers the cameras . There is also a ThermPro remote wireless temp/humidity sensor in the coop so I can check on temp/humidity from inside the house . The coop has soffit vents , they are just open soffits covered with 1/2" hardware cloth , and a 12" gable vent on the back gable end and a larger hardware cloth covered gable vent on the run end gable . We now have 6 birds (2 barred rock and 4 red stars) in the coop ,they are doing great . They were 4 weeks old when we got them , they are growing like weeds .

    coop 27.jpg

    1st load of supplies

    coop 1.jpg

    Get to building

    coop 2.jpg

    coop 3 .jpg

    coop 4.jpg

    coop 5.jpg

    Time to make some trusses

    coop 6.jpg

    Trusses and siding going up

    coop 7.jpg

    coop 8.jpg

    Trusses done

    coop 9.jpg

    coop 10.jpg

    Next up is metal roofing

    coop 11.jpg

    coop 12.jpg

    coop 13.jpg

    coop 14.jpg

    "Ladies First" chicken door

    coop 15.jpg


    coop 16.jpg

    Run door built

    coop 17.jpg

    Painted , hardware cloth and hardware installed

    coop 18.jpg

    Coop door built and installed

    coop 19.jpg

    coop 20.jpg

    Gable vents done

    coop 21.jpg

    coop 22.jpg

    Power strip installed

    coop 23.jpg

    coop 24.jpg

    ThermPro Temp/Humidity monitor and transmitter

    coop 25.jpg

    coop 26.jpg

    Good luck hex sign on the front gable end of run

    coop 28.jpg

    Ramp into pop door

    coop 29.jpg

    Here's the Wyze camera mounted to show the run

    coop 30.jpg

    Here's a still shot grabbed from the Wyze camera that's inside the coop

    coop 31.png

    Here's the new occupants right after we got them in their new home

    coop 32.jpg

    Here they are a few weeks later checking out and then using a perch I put in the run

    coop 33.jpg

    coop 34.jpg

    That's it , I'll post any changes or updates . This was a fun project and the birds seem to be enjoying their new home .

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  1. MROO
    "Great Coop and Run - and GREAT Build Pictorial!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Dec 2, 2019
    Excellent job on an excellent set-up. LOVE the vents! Very Nicely Done!
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    1. adirondak5
      Thanks very much . It was a fun project and its working out great .
  2. DiYMama540
    "Very nice!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 3, 2019
    Great description in the beginning, going over measurements and features. Love the step by step pics! I can tell you really did your homework on coops before this build. Turned out beautifully, Congratulations!
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    1. adirondak5
      Thanks much .


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  1. ethbarry
    Wonderful work. And a great article about your work.
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    1. adirondak5
      Thank you . I had a great time building it .
  2. N F C
    Nice job!
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    1. adirondak5
      Thank you .
  3. TwentyOneChickens
    The cameras are awesome! I wish I had that. :)
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    1. adirondak5
      The cameras are great , we really enjoy them .
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