This is what I/we built (mostly). Photos of the actual build follow below, my build thread is

I am “build” capable and resourceful. However I was incredibly lucky to have assistance of my sister and her husband for two months (September and October) during the build; it is unlikely I would have completed the coop in the fall of 2019 without their help.

I spent about $1K CDN for the wood for an elevated 10’ by 16’ coop; costs for run wire/wood were extra. I used rough cut pine boards in board and batten format mounted on 2” by 3” framing materials as show in the diagrams below. The resulting building is very solid yet economical as it eliminates the modern stick frame step time and material cost.

I scrounged old tin roof, cut it to size, wire brushed loose rust, applied red oxide metal primer and two coats of bright red gloss metal finish paint. I should also say I was very lucky and got a number of used hydro poles (Western Red Cedar) gratis; I used these for the square 4" by 4" foundation frame as well as for adjacent pole shed verticals.

I chose to elevate the coop:
  • Helps control invasion of pests/predators (6” wide metal drip edge on top of the frame before I placed the wall sections and floor);
  • Provides covered run space that is otherwise wasted.
My coop is 3’ off the ground, high enough underneath to clean, retrieve “stuff”, etc..

Please note that the diagrams are taken from the 1924 version of the book "Modern Fresh Air Poultry Houses" by Prince T. Woods MD. I highly recommend reading this as it covers not only the KD design but many other topics that are useful to novices that are searching for coop designs and general pointers about poultry husbandry.

Not shown are the floors, three sections and they will drop in after the walls are assembled but before the roof sections go on. The floor sections will be double boards assembled at 90 degrees and coated with BlackJack 57; I will also apply BJ57 for ~12" inches up on the walls.




The pictures show the progression from concept (Winter 2018/9) to build (September through December 2019 and continuing).

upload_2019-12-3_12-34-19.png upload_2019-12-3_12-54-9.png upload_2019-12-3_12-54-46.png
upload_2019-12-3_12-59-20.png upload_2019-12-3_13-0-23.png upload_2019-12-3_13-1-23.png upload_2019-12-3_13-2-25.png upload_2019-12-3_13-19-6.png upload_2019-12-3_13-21-31.png upload_2019-12-3_13-22-0.png upload_2019-12-3_13-22-51.png upload_2019-12-3_13-24-54.png upload_2019-12-3_13-25-22.png upload_2019-12-3_13-26-8.png upload_2019-12-3_13-26-54.png upload_2019-12-3_13-27-24.png upload_2019-12-3_13-27-53.png upload_2019-12-3_13-28-41.png
Cat on a Cold Tin Roof.jpg