@KaLe dA QuAiL :
Species: Human
Name: Robin
Gender: Female
Physical description: tall, lean, young woman with medium length black hair that flows from beneath a bowlers hat she wears. She also wears a long, black coat and gray leggings.
Personality: mysterious, cold ,and sarcastic.
Other/extra: loves birds.
Job: quail keeper (is this allowed?)
Lives: in a house in a town

@chicken3fly :
Species: Human
Name: Cakefairy
Physical description: strong, white skin with long black hair
Personality: kind but gets angry easily and is very logical and smart
Other/extra: has lightning and water powers computer expert
Job: Queen/makes robots
Lives: 60 story castle/manshion
Age: 99

Species: living in animate objects (pumpkin)
Name: Seedy
Physical description: orange with sparkly skin, purple eyes , jack'o lantern like mouth
Personality: kind, loves baking/cooking, very determined, can be stubborn at tims, very imaginative, forgetful
Other/extra: LOVES pumpkin pie
Job: resturant owner
Lives: in the resturant
Gender: Both
Kids: none
Age: 12

@Alyssa-Bee :
Species: Falcon
Name: Phoenix
Physical Description: SHE has dark brownish grey wings and back. She also has a light orangish brown striped breast, and bright orange eyes.
Personality: (I'm not sure... to be determined)
Other/Extra: N/A
Job: Can carry letters.
Lives: At the top of a large oak tree.

@Crestcrazy2 :
Species: nokk
Name: Nick
Physical description: deep blue skin , shadowy eyes, long flowing mane and tail, looks evil but isn't.( If you don't know what I'm talking about he's like the one from frozen 2, basically a water entity in the shape of a stallion :))
Personality: mysterious, kind, shy, respectful, the rest is to be rped :)
Other/extra: he came to kingdomville from far away, he last home was destroyed by a drought . He can shape shift and breath underwater .
Job: water collecter ( he gets the water for the kingdom )
Lives: in a cave full of crystals near the bottom of a lake .
Gender: male
Kids: none, doesn't have a mate yet.

Species: human
Name: kent
Physical description: strong, well built, handsome brown hair, green eyes, 6 feet tall , wears blue jeans and a black hoodie.
Personality: to be RPed .
Other/extra: loves spiders !!!
Job: builder / construction worker
Lives: in a house in town near seedys.
Gender: male
Kids: none
Age: 21

@LittleBigBantam :

Species: raven
Name: Ophelia
Physical description: a large, sleek, black raven. Her feathers shine a mysterious purple/red instead of blue/green. Ophelia is a cross breed, possibly with a mythical creature. She has an overly long tail for a raven, that curls at the end. She has piercing red eyes.
Personality: a sly trickster, likes to mess around with the other creatures. Shes very independent, and doesnt ask for help unless she desperate needs it.
Other/extra: Ophelia has the ability to warm up her talons to a point of being able to burn victims, and start fires.
Job: a message carrier, supply carrier, or just whatever she is needed for
Lives: inside of an ancient oak tree
Gender: female

Species: mythical deer
Name: (nameless, goes by whatever people want to call him)
Physical description: A shockingly large, sleek black buck. He has an almost ghost like appearance. He has massive pure white antlers, with swirls of gray mixed in. His eyes are a strong emerald color, that shine in the dead of night
Personality: very dark and mysterious. Tends to keep his conversations short. He avoids conflict.
Other/extra: rarely talks
Job: a steed for humans. Is used for transportation.. but only if he wants to.
Lives: in the forest.. he never sleeps
Gender: male