Hi, my name is AJ. I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I have a small backyard flock of chickens. I raise my girls as pets with eggs being a definite bonus! I am currently going into my 4th year in 4-h, and I LOVE it!!! My bantams consist of:Black Rosecomb-Belle, Blue Wyandotte-Grace, Frizzled Rhode Island Red-Hazel,a Partridge Wyandotte-Maya, Buff Silkie- Lena, Black Rosecomb Lucia, Columbian Wyandotte-Keri, Quail d'Anver-Cecilia, Speckled Sussex-Piper, and another Quail d'Anver-Sophie. I also have seven Large Fowl hens/pullets: RIR-Lady,Speckled Sussex-Delilah,Red Sex-link-Flo, Delaware-Doddie, and EE-Star, and two Black Copper Marans-Sandy and Red. I breed Suffolk sheep as a part of my FFA breeding project, I am going on my 3rd year in FFA, and am having a blast!
FOR SALE(or possible trade):
-Delaware hen, friendly, laying