1/1/12 ---Happy New Year everyone. I am in the process of getting some chickens and rabbits together to sell. so if anyone is interested message me. i am also getting some litter amendment to get the ammonia down. i will also be getting my shed ready for brooding in the next couple months. wish me luck.
12/19 ---- well i am pleased to say i am getting a dozen eggs a day now. not to mention my silkie started laying yesterday. i also have about 20 rabbits now. we are starting our own rabbitry. La Famiglia Rabbitry on facebook if your interested. i also would like to get rid of some rir's as well. but anyway sabrina is wanting to hatch some more of our australorps so we might start some eggs in the next few weeks. hope everyone is good as well as your animals. if i dont get on before christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS. someone must be reading this thing got 360 views and i definitely know it wasnt me reading my own ranting blog. lol but thanks if you do read. message me if you have advice or have questions. thanks again folks!
11/11 ---- Been a long while since I have been on so alot has happened. Most has been for the good so I am blessed. The rir chicks that hatched are doing great unfortunately most are roos so I went to local trade day and sold a few. The rest I will cull. I had my australorps start laying on the first of november so I am really pumpled about them. The Americaunas are doing great as well but no eggs. I also have 2 aseels and 2 silkies that are doing really well. I have finished my barn so there is no more predator issues. however I took care of the wild dog that took a few chickens a few months ago. Set up motion detectors and got him in the act one night. No more issues from him. I also have added some additions this month. I now have some quail that I am going to start raising. I also added more rabbits. Lionheads, netherland dwarfs, and californians are the breeds I have now. will be adding a few more dwarfs later this month. I will try and get on a lil more to update info for anyone who is interested. but till then. have a good one.
6/27 -----Well I wanted to update anyone who actually reads this thing with the goings on around here. I had 13 of 18 of the rir eggs hatch. I also got a free coup and chickens from a young woman that had to move and it is really nice. the chickens are pretty sweet too. i also have all my lil ones from last month that are doing great. i am also waiting to see if my rabbit is prego. she dang well better be too. i also have my garden that is doing great, however the bugs are a bit out of control since my chickens are out getting them right now. but anyway, i hope everything keeps going good for me.
5\28 -----alright i havent been on to update this for a bit but here goes. yesterday one of my rir hens was just sitting in the coop i bent down to pet her and she lifts her wings up like she normally does when she is antipating me petting her and she seemed fine. but when i came back a couple hrs later she was dead in the same spot. no damage or anything to her. but she didnt really go outside with the other hens so i guess she just stayed in the same spot the whole time. need to pay a lil more attention to their behavior. i know she was an outgoing hen and should have noticed her being so still and not running up to me like she usually does. well i still am not sure of the reason for her death.
On a lighter note; i do have my new chicks in the brooder right now. im pretty excited about them. i had 27 other birds that were killed by coyotes last month and didnt wanna try again with chicks for a while. but now i am ready for chicks and coyotes. going to start putting some of my rir eggs to the side to hatch some so i can replace my hen that died.