My name is Alexis, I live in the beautiful State of Oregon - on the greener side. We're hobby farmers and I'm a full time Mom to four kids. We have Pygora Goats, a Rex rabbit, a mini-lop, a Leopard Gecko, three guard cats and an amazing Yellow Lab.​
I started using the BYC website back in 2007, and found it so full of information that I couldn't tear myself away. I joined the membership in 2008 and am SO glad I did! This place contains a wealth of information, more pictures of chickens than google could shake a stick at, and some of the nicest, most friendly people on the planet!
When I first started out with chickens, it was mostly as a hobby. A healthy way to keep us active outdoors, with pets we like, who give us eggs we use. It quickly moved into a family thing, and now all four of my children are active in a 4H Chicken club, and they raise and show poultry at the County Fair each summer. It's been so much fun for our kids, and for us. Each year we get new chicks, and each time it never gets old.
See our 2008 babies here
See our 2011 babies here
Our little hobby farm also is also home to a small Hazelnut orchard, and an even smaller fruit tree orchard. To make the best use of our land, we lease several acres to a very popular local organic farm - which keeps us well fed with salad greens and many other vegetables throughout the year.

February 12 UPDATE! I've got an order in for a new colorful flock - they should be here February 20th. I can't wait!
Coming soon:
Silver Laced Wyandotte, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, Light Brahma, Ameraucana and a very small Straight Run of Polish Crested for my daughter who's crazy about them (and about surprises). We're working on a chicken coop remodel to make room for more nestboxes and roosting space.
YET ANOTHER... Speaking of surprises - no sooner did I get an order in place for all my kids' chosen chicken varieties (I like them to have a little ownership in this stuff - they take more responsibility that way) but a friend of mine decided they were moving to Texas, plus she's got kindey disease in a bad way and needed to cut down on all her activities including most of her birds. She asked me to adopt her chickens. After agreeing, I found out she doesn't just have a few hens, but EIGHTEEN BIRDS! We'll also have a couple of roosters moving in. To top that off, a turkey is coming along as well. What on earth am I getting myself into? Either way, this was early enough to cancel all the Production Reds in my order. My husband is turning out to be a VERY understanding and forgiving man. HA!
I'll have well over 30 chickens within the next 2 weeks. *sigh* I love this life - it's adventurous.
February 19th - Our BABIES are here!
July 4, 2008 - ANOTHER surprise! Our buff orpington hen walked out of the bushes one day with 8 little peepers in tow. What a delighful gift! And a bunch of firecrackers they are. They all have a RIR Dad, and they're just cute as can be. I think we have 4 girls/4 boys.