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By alisar · Mar 11, 2014 · Updated Mar 22, 2014 · ·
  1. alisar
    This is "Some Guy" - a mega mutt. Blue Partidge Silkie x Araucana(Leghorn x Polish)
    He's pretty young, but he's really serious about his roosterly duties - strutting around like he's something else. The girls roll their eyes.

    We just had some rain, he got a little dirty.

    He's nice to the kiddos, which I like.

    Some Guy really likes the ladies.

    Exotic Purebred Olandsk Dwarf girls

    Creamlegbar-araucana girls

    Girls with fluffy bottoms. Buff Barred Cochin over Lavender Amerucana

    Girls with strangely lush neck feathers. Olandsk-EE

    Olandsk-aucana girls.

    Girls with Beards - Easter Egger

    Girls with Hats - Bresse-Silkie

    He's do his dance for anyone, I'm pretty sure.
    You want some of his babies? Send me a PM. $25 Shipped for 6+ eggs

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  1. chickiegrrl
    Congratulations! "Girls with strangely lush neck feathers" cracked me up!!
  2. RileyCalanchini
    I have one that looks just like him! Except its a female. :D
  3. Honomi
    Handsome! Good looking boy and beutiful girls. Congrats.
  4. Leafeon
    Congratulations on the Picture of the Week! Astonishing photography! ;)
  5. MsChickenMomma
    Beautiful chickens! I love your photo's. They are just stunning! <3
    Congratulations! =)
  7. Chicka and Co
    Stunning photos!
  8. Troy6671
    Really really pretty chickens! Congrats on pics of the week!
  9. chickenpooplady
    Beautiful flock! Congrats on Picture of the Week!
  10. BantamFan4Life
  11. BYC Project Manager
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