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By luvbiddies · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. luvbiddies
    This is my first time raising chickens. I have seven hens. Barr Rock, Buff, RIR, 3 Isa Brown's and a Blackstar. Only the Blackstar and one Isa are laying. I am thrilled. My husband grew up with chickens and is a little more informed about them. But I have been sharing with him and he said these are things that he didn't know. So you can teach a dog new tricks!
    I am an adjunct geography professor at a local community college and I am amazed at how many of my students are not aware of factory farming, CFO's or the hormones and antibiotics that are in the foods that we eat. That is why I am so thrilled about raising chickens. They have room to grow and I know what they are eating.
    I am the grandmother to two grandsons and have another grandbaby on the way- January 29, 2010 from my youngest daughter. The boys love the chickens and each have picked out their own.

    I am also the Mom of two West highland terriers and a Scottish/Westie mix.

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