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By Codynalli · Apr 10, 2012 · Updated Apr 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Codynalli
    My name is Allison and this is my chicken Fluff
    Fluff is a very unique chicken, In fact I wouldn't call him a chicken, I would say he was part human!
    I got Fluff one day at the local country store right down the road for $5. The store owner (a family friend) hand raised him since he was a baby and wanted to know if I wanted him. He didn't know what breed he was, and at the time me either. I said "ok" and took him home.
    When I sat him down he didn't take off and explore like the rest of the chickens, he just turned around and looked at me like "Hey how you doing", I was surprised. So I went on walking towards the house and here he come running and ran right straight into my leg. I thought maybe he's blind, lol, so I gave him a hair cut.
    After he could see I figured he would run off with the other chickens, but nah, he just followed me...Everywhere!

    Moma pulled up his hair in a hairbow...Doesn't he look tough!!
    He has a second toenail on one foot....
    Where's Fluff??? Fluff loves to play hide and seek he always hides.. but he always cackles
    He loves his friend the turkey...
    And his mate who is sitting on Their eggs
    Her name is Pretty Girl...
    She is a regular old game hen so, I can't wait to see what the babies look like:)

    Well to sum it up Fluff is just the best chicken I have ever had.
    He loves to talk and be the center of attention!

    He is a Polish Breed
    He is not a year old yet.
    I have 15 other chickens, 1 Turkey, 9 dogs, 3 cats, 2 goats, and the rest of the farm! and expecting more:)

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  1. texasgurl
    He looks sooooo cute with his bow!!!
  2. Codynalli
  3. Hawkeye95
    OMGosh, I LOVE the hairbow in his crest!! That is the cutest picture ever! LOL Very pretty boy!

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