Breed Information -
Class: ex. American, Oriental, French, Continental
Standard/Bantam: Both
Colors: Black, Blue, Blue-wheaten, Brown-red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, & White
Comb Type: Pea Comb
Skin/Foot Color: White with Slate Colored Shanks
Earlobes: Red (although small and covered with feathers)
Clean/Feathered Feet: Clean
Number of Toes: 4
Other Physical Characteristics: Ear Tufts and Bearded
Egg Color: Blue
Egg Size and Productivity: Good Producer of Medium Eggs
Weight: Standard Cockerel - 6.5 lbs, Standard Hen - 5.5 lbs, Bantam Cockerel - 20 oz, Bantam Hen - 16 oz
Conservation Status: Study
Cold Hardiness: Very Cold Hardy
Broody/Mothering ability: Good Brooders
General Temperament: Calm Non-Aggressive Bird
Additional Notes: Many birds sold as Ameraucanas are actually mixed breeds, considered Easter Eggers, that do not conform to the Ameraucana Breed Standard.

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