We are Old Town Hatchery and we have had chickens for 8 years and have come to think of them as family. We specialize in cochins both bantams and large fowl, frizzles, easter eggers, old english game bantams, RIR mixes, pigeons, pheasants, and guinea fowl. During the year we hatch babies to sell. For right now we do not ship, but hope to be able to in the future. We are located in south georgia about an hour south of Macon. Chicks are on a frist come first serve unlease you prepay by check or cash. My number is 1-478-244-1303 and if I do not answer please leave a message. My email is [email protected].
Prices are per chick.
Call for availabilty.

Cochins: Frizzles black and white-$3 large blue, black, and splash-$5 Large mixed cochins-$3 bantams-creles(frizzles and smooths)-$8
Easter Eggers: $2
RIR mixes: -$1
Old english bantams: blue wheaton-$2 Mix colors(blue wheaton roo x crele hens)-$2
Specials: Barnyard assortment- consists of any chicks I have at the time(comes in Bantam and large fowl) I promise a good assortment-$3
Pigeons: West of englands(1pair)-$20 Indian fantails(1pair)-$15
Pheasants: sorry none at the time
Guineas: royal purples, violets, lavenders, pearls, pieds, buffs, coral blues, and slates-$5