My son looked through the coops on this website and saw the swingset coop posted by a member. He LOVED the idea. His fort stood empty and unused for a couple of years. He has cleared the neighborhood of spare lumber. One neighbor re-roofed his garage and was put to work teaching my son how to roof for his coop - supplying left over ice guard, felt, shingles, and nails. Adults from the neighborhood have come over to help tear pallets apart and straightened nails with him. People have come over with hinges, pulleys, sliding locks, nails, and offers to cut wood to size. I have been enlisted to scour craigslist for anything and everything that he can use. So far, he is out money for hardware cloth. Everything else is either gifted by neighbors, reused, leftovers from someone else's project, or found.


In the beginning, there was an 11 year old who had an idea.


Hard at work...


coming along...


The Skylight.


Coming along and so is autumn.