My BF, my 2 YO daughter, two papillons (Bernini and Wendel) and I have started our first small backyard flock this year. We have a large backyard with a garden and a chicken coop that we built with left over materials from my BF's Grandfathers old projects from way back in the day.
Our reasons for starting a BY flock is because of our greater concern for the sources of our food and our growing concern for our environment...and we have the room.
We decided that a running theme in naming our chickens would be influential and/or admirable woman. So far we have named them Rachel Maddow, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Alice Paul, Ariana Huffington, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Golda Meir and Emily Dickinson. Three of which turned roo. Now we have three ducks after freecycling the drakes. Dorkas is our (KCs), and Fanny (WH) and Chervil (Black Runner)!

My new kitty Mei: Found her at the park where some boys were tossing her down a slide. A lady said she had seen kittens running around in the park for a few days so I brought kitty home.

Khaki Campbells.

Welsh Harlequin and Black Runner

Fanny, Chervil, Dorkas


Cady, Golda, Emily

BR(w/ olive eggs! so I guess EEx), EE, Another EExRB
Truth, Alice, Susan.

My daughter Juniper



* Not in order of cuteness or importance