I live in the interior of Alaska. It's cold in the winter, colder than a lot of places but I like it here. I live in the midst of beauty on nearly an acre, and that near acre is gold! Not in a literal sense but rather in what it has to offer. There is birch which provides gum, syrup, headache relief. Wild chamomile, Pine as a decongestant. Cranberries, salmon berries, blueberries, dandilion leaf, rasberries and majestic scenery!
I am on a quest to use what I have and spend less. No, it doesn't make me unique, a lot of people have ventured here. Heck, it used to be our way of life! Somehow most of us have forgotten this big detail and I believe that to accept the gifts that bring us closer to where we come from bring contentment an fullfillment into our lives.
This year is the year I will have ducks for eggs. Ducks are better suited for the cold and can actually provide more eggs than chickens depending on the breed.
Oh, and I'm insanely in love with call ducks!