Breed Details:
The Ancona duck is a beautiful duck that is built a bit stockier than its cousin, the Magpie, and weighs 6 to 6.5 lbs at maturity. Its unique mottled plumage can be of any combination of a single color and white, or it may be tricolored. An adult's beak is usually yellow with greenish markings, and the feet, like the feathering, are splotchy. The Ancona is an excellent dual-purpose bird, with good laying abilities (210-280 eggs per year) as well as flavorful meat that is less fatty than that of the Pekin'’s. Anconas are generally moderately calm and friendly, and make relatively good mothers. They are very good foragers. A HUGE thank you to BYC'ers toadbriar and Cetawin for letting me use their photos for my page.