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By grandpafl · Sep 1, 2014 · ·
  1. grandpafl
    we're not sure if we are a true hatchery yet, but we have been selling egg, chicks for a year and just have started to sell fertile eggs. Our first shipment goes out tomorrow. We are getting pretty excited about our new venture.
    We are also beginning to raise endangered and rare breeds.
    We purchased four silkies and a half dozen Faverolle to use them as natural incubators.
    When we just started we had RIR which the other chickens just wouldn't accept. She wasn't allowed to eat or drink without being attacked. So not knowing what to do we brought her inside. Our then 3 year old grandson Parker had named her "his student",
    seeing that his dad was a teacher. So as she became part of the family. Student eats and drink with our two family dogs.
    A matter of fact our dogs protect her, once while she was outside one of our roos attempted to mount her and she started to yelp
    Freebie,our medium size dog, jumped off the couch run out her dog door grabbed the roo by the tail and pulled her off Student.
    As she grew we realized that she had a birth defect where her crop is on the outside of her body, probably why the other chickens
    shunned her.
    There hasn't been a person , including those who don't care for chickens, that haven't fallen in love with her.This summer my sons' family was going on vacation and asked us to dog sit his 7 month old boxer, Penny. Penny has been around Student since he was
    6 weeks old. The two of them were buddies they played together, as much as a chicken could play. They even napped together on the couch.
    My husband also had a inside pet chicken a rare Sultan whose name of course was Salty, which also was around Penny since her birth but usually just jumped on my husbands shoulder when Penny wanted to play.
    One day during that time we had gone out for the morning we left the birds inside and put the dogs outside and locked the dog door. When we returned and entered the house all we could see was white and red feathers everywhere. I just closed the door and began crying. Well Penny now weighing 65 lbs. has pushed on the dog door and broke through guess she wanted to play
    Sallty laid there limb and dead no puncture marks so we figured she was just shook to death.
    My husband yelled outside to me in said come in Student, laying motionless under the rocking chair, was still alive! When I picked her up her collar bone and her wing bone were both exposed. I cleaned the wounds then apply 3 in 1 ointment on her then wrapped her with an ace bandage then just held her and prayed.
    Well after two weeks she was totally healed Penny is no longer welcome here but we have now purchased a new Saltun chick and are
    hoping to have her take the place of Salty not replace her.
    So as we venture on out into this exciting new experience we will keep you informed on it's progress.[​IMG]

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  1. arkansas55
    hope all goes well,i too am wondering about the poo being everywhere?
  2. crazyfeathers
    Awww so sorry about salty, I feel your pain. Could you explain Students birth defect a bit? How do you deal with the chickens poo when she is in the house? Sounds like you have some very loved house chickens. I hope Student makes a full recovery.

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