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By angel28 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. angel28
    Cassiopeia's eye seems to be slightly opening. The water must have done it good then. I'm happy for her because it would be
    depressing to go in and see a pirate chicken, even though she would still eat and lay fine. No offence to othe one eyed chickens
    out there! I bet Rose pecked it, the cheeky little mite. Or it could have been Bella or Edward, fighting her off for some food, since
    they are top of the pecking order. I hope Rose cops on that I am a higher ranking 'chicken' than her, I'm taking BYC advice and
    poking her with a stick when she misbehaves. Its like a dog really, you wouldn't let it get away with biting you, as you shouldn't
    let a chicken either. [​IMG]

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