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By AngieChick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. AngieChick
    We are very new to chickens, ours were purchased as day olds in mid-June. They have been a delight, and I can't believe that I waited until now to get them. A friend of mine has been providing us with eggs (the "good eggs" as our kids say), but it is hit and miss on when we can get them. Our only solution for a steadier supply was to either pay 4.50 a dozen at the farmers market, which doesn't even run for half the year, or to get our own birds. After all is said and done, it would have been cheaper to keep getting them from the farmer's market, but these birds have been absolutely delightful to have. We started out with the minimum we could get from the hatchery, 10. My youngest son and I drove up to pick them up, about an hour and a half away. At the hatchery, the man selling us the babies told us firmly that they had to get home under lights ASAP. So, fearing that the birds would get chilled, we cranked up the heat until we were sweating, my 12 year old keeping an eye on the babies the whole trip. Looking back, this was probably completely unnecessary and possibly a little silly considering how the little ones are shipped across the country. But, they made it healthy and happy. We are down to 6, having rehomed 4 (including a rooster) and keeping our favorites. We originally were going to keep 4, but you know how that goes. My oldest and I would like to add a couple of silkies (fluff monster chickens as we call them) next spring. But for now, we love our 6 little girls and are eagerly awaiting eggs.
    Our girls as babies:
    One of Our Golden Comets, Annie
    One of Our Easter Eggers, Chicken Hawk

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