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By AngieO · Apr 26, 2013 · Updated Jan 31, 2014 ·
  1. AngieO
    Updated 9/30/2013
    this color means I am owed eggs
    this color means I received the eggs owed to me
    this color means I owe someone eggs
    this color means my part of the swap is completed

    Swaps I will be expecting

    KrazyKat - 6 eggs owed from Designer Egg Chain Swap

    Swaps I will owe

    Side Swap I owe and am owed
    Clover Run 6+ Crested Cream Legbar eggs For Showgirl and/or LF Cochin to be sent the week of 4/28
    *I mailed eggs 5/3/13* Received 5/6/13 according to

    Completed Swaps
    means they have received their eggs or I have received my eggs =-)

    pigtail21 6 crested cream legbar (OCEC) to be mailed in the spring Mailed 1/31/14 :)

    cjwaldon 6 crested cream legbar (OCEC) Mailed 9/24/13

    Chicken Junkies 6+ Cream Legbar eggs

    TNLFC swap page 7 post #66 mailed 5/23/13 received 5/25/13

    Online Crazy Egg Chain Let's Play Page 773
    Post # 7726
    huntinwidow 6+ Cream Legbar Eggs * mailed 4/27/13* received 4/29/13

    Online Crazy Egg Chain
    Post # 7738
    LionKitty71 8 Guinea Eggs

    Post #7740
    GableBabble 6+ Crested Cream Legbar Eggs to be mailed the end of the week of 4/28 or the beginning of the week of 5/5 *Sent 5/8/13, received 5/10/13 according to*

    Online Crazy Egg Chain
    Post # 7725
    minihorse927 6+ Pekin Duck Eggs Received 5/21/13

    The New Large Fowl Chicken Swap
    FarmrGirl 6+ Welsh Harlequin Duck Eggs post # 65 TNLFC Swap Received 5/23/13

    Received From:
    loprettaerin 6+ silkie eggs (OCEC)

    Received From:
    SilkySensation 6+ pekin duck eggs (Online Crazy Egg Chain)

    Side Swap Completed

    FarmrGirl 6+ Crested Cream Legbar eggs for 3 American Lavender over Pilgrim Goose eggs to be sent the beginning week of 5/20 *Mailed 5/20/13* I received my eggs 5/23/13

    loprettaerin 6 salmon project marans eggs for 6 crested cream legbar eggs(mailed mine June 1, 2013)

    Eggs Bought from other BYC members

    horseshoe - Bought 10+ Golden Cuckoo Marans
    Received 5/1/13 14 eggs. Box was in great shape, however one egg was cracked and one had a loose air cell. Overall great packaging and eggs looked great. I think the PO mailman dropped my box over the gate because he didn't know there were eggs in it. Definitely recommend horseshoe for getting eggs from!

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