I followed an excellent youtube video documenting how to build a Harriet's House Coop.

The link to it is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBmHFxk0eUI. The video shows the size of all the pieces you need to cut. There are one or two size mistakes I found, just be sure to measure the lengths on your coop before cutting, and the details regarding assembling the laying box are a little sketchy, but it's easy to figure out. The video doesn't address the roof. I used an online home depot shed construction guide for the step-by-step roofing instructions.

Here is my build...

First buy and haul the lumber into your backyard. Whew, that was heavy, but don't give up yet, the fun is about to start!

Build the frame for the coop and the chicken run.

Cut and mount the framing for the roof.

Create the hen house.

Make the laying box.

Make the hen house door and the lid for the laying box.

Paint everything, add hinges and door locks, attach roof base.

Glue down a vinyl linoleum remnant in the hen house to make cleaning easier.

Chicken run door.

A view from the inside as I'm about ready to staple on the hardware cloth.

Hardware cloth is all on!

Nail on all those roof shingles. Put cement pavers under the frame to raise it out of the dirt.

Screw on the ramp. Now we wait for the chicks to get bigger!!

It took me 5 days to build this by myself. I probably could have done it in 4 days, but it was hot! This project taught me the value of a good pair of knee pads, and I'd never used a framing square that much before!
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