Are my chickens getting sick?

By 3harners · Jun 7, 2013 · ·
  1. 3harners
    Help! Not sure if my chickens are getting sick or not. I have 9 chickens that are about 3 months old. We've had 7 of them since they were a week old, the other 2 are "new." My husband bought them at a local chicken exchange sale, we isolated the two newcomers for the recommended 2 weeks. They seem just fine, healthy and all are beginning to get along. But, two of my "original" flock chickens, Charlotte, my large, fluffy Brahma, and Oreo, our Bantam Rooster seem to have developed a "cold." They appear fine, eating, running around, doing their free range thing and look healthy, however, their breathing sounds like they have a cold. I've just noticed this for the past 2 -3 days, none of my other chickens so far sound this way, but I worry that they could be getting sick. We are new to this whole chicken farming experience, BUT we LOVE, LOVE our babies, so any suggestions, offers of help, etc.. would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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  1. earlybird10842
    If I were you I would post a thread about this in the forums, under "emergencies, diseases, injuries, and cures" It is usually a good idea to quarentine new birds before introducing them into the current flock, as they can have illnesses that take a while to show symptoms. The cold was probably introduced by the new birds, who are not showing symptoms yet, or have an immunity. I would quarentine the possibly sick and new birds to prevent this from spreading further. Do you want me to find you some links on quarentine?

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