Hatching eggs are available from a nice selection of super egg layers. All breeding stock has come from NPIP tested flocks.

Hatching eggs currently available:

Barnyard Mix-- $12 per dozen eggs. These are the best egg layers like Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Black Sexlink, Speckled Sussex, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Easter Egger ( pink egg) and Silver Spangled Hamburg. Roosters include French Black Copper Marans, Buff Orpington and Easter Eggers. May include pure FBCM and pure BO. This flock free ranges together.

This selection of eggs is a great way to test shipped eggs techniques or to add a color variety to your barnyard and egg carton.

French Black Copper Marans-- $24 per dozen eggs. Selected to meet the new APA standard. Gentle roosters and hens that lay a dark red-chocolate egg. Wade Jeane and Bev Davis lines.

Not available until late Spring 2012

Buff Orpingtons -- $20 per dozen eggs. Gorgeous golden feathers gleam in the sunlight. The hens are very gentle and the roosters are a bit assertive. Lt Brown egg.

Easter Eggers --- $15 per dozen eggs. I have several lines and pens of these wonderful layers. The eggs are blue, pink or green and are the largest egg producers. These are EE and real Ameracauna. Blue Ameraucanas and black copper Ameraucana and 1 EE rooster.

Available in late Summer:
Olive Eggers

Everyone is fed a quality layer pellets and well water. And occasional treats!

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:) Melissa