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By Arkansas81 · Apr 14, 2013 · Updated Jun 23, 2013 · ·
  1. Arkansas81
    All I have right now to offer is my chickens. I am expanding my flocks so hopefully I can offer more later.

    Mixed Layer Flock: I've always got these available...they keep me swimming in their eggs!!
    Cochin Banties

    Pure Chicken Flock-should start laying around Oct 2013
    Creole Polish
    WC Blue Polish
    Blue Splash Polish
    Gold Laced Polish Will be ready 7/15
    Booted Millie Fluers Anyday now

    Swaps that I owe are:
    ppimf 6 jumbo pekin post 63-waterfowl-SENT
    braclin-6 call ducks SENT
    Bee 6+cayuga eggs post 87 waterfowl SENT
    Daze333 6 turkey eggs post 379 what ya got to swap
    silkiesensation 6+anconas post 104 waterfowl chain SENT
    chiqita 6 salmon favs post 448 what ya got to swap SENT
    chiqita delawares what ya got to swap SENT
    bnews 6 silkie eggs post 455 what ya got to swap SENT
    silkiesensation 6 runners post 155 waterfowl
    hot2pot millie fleurs SENT
    reesepoultry 6 white midget post 583 bantam chain SENT
    elieugene mix of peas, guineas, millies post 188 designer chain

    Swaps owed to me:
    silkiesensation 4+ asst ducks (runner, pekin, muscovy) post 51 waterfowl RECIEVED
    silkiesensation 6+ bantams (silkie, oegb, cochin) post 156 designer egg chain RECIEVED
    clover run 6 pure silkie eggs (BBS) post online crazy egg chain RECIEVED
    clover run 6 delaware post 1219 large fowl only egg swap RECIEVED
    kitchenchick pp 17 post 9288 paypal/hatching chain-sent 4/14 RECIEVED
    farmgirl 6+ black Cayuga Ducks post 1231-large fowl egg chain RECIEVED
    cloverrun 6+silkie bbs post 553 bantam only egg chain RECIEVED
    Bee 6+ Ancona post 88 waterfowl egg chain RECIEVED
    Kimmie coupons post 375 what ya got to swap RECIEVED
    Caj1985 6+ exhibition Salmon Favs post 380 what ya got to swap RECIEVED
    corancher egg flats post 446 what ya got to swap RECIEVED
    chiqita pp post 449 what ya got to swap RECIEVED
    chiqita palm turkeys post 492 what ya got to swap RECIEVED
    minihorse927 6 pekins post 7750 online crazy egg chain RECIEVED
    Autumnwinds 12pp post 581 bantam only chain RECIEVED

    Side Swaps:
    Dutcbunny83 2 dozen oe eggs est shipping 4/23 shipped 4/23
    Nursiedeer 1 dz oe eggs (sent)
    MLBFettes ducklings est pickup summer 2013
    daze333 swapping runners, palms for frizzle polish, creole polish RECIEVED frizzles & creole
    Silkiesensation 12 asst turkey eggs, 12 asst peas for runners, calls, starts. RECIEVED ALL EGGS, STARTS, HAIR BUTTERFLIES, SOAPS

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  1. LKHudd
    I have 8 Olive Egger roosters I'd like to rehome. Mostly blues. I also have a nice Black Maran rooster. All birds are extremely friendly. I just don't want to see them go to someone who would put them in a pot.

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