Welcome to my page here on BYC-

I am fairly new to chickens, and have been enthralled with them. I started out wanting a handful- maybe 5, well.... as everyone here knows- chickens are like pistachos! Limiting chickens is impossible- especially if you have some acreage- sooo.... i am a pet portrait artist, but my chicken obsession has oozed into my art....
24037_eggs.jpg miraclewip004sm.jpg

so here is the current flock... I started our with 2 BA, 2 BO, 1 RIR.... hubby is retired navy so we built fort knox coop and run, and then another run for the banties, and then a duck house, and .... hmmmm you get the idea

IMG_0368.jpg IMG_0369.jpg
this is Donna, our head hen, one of the most standoffish chicks, but is now very sweet and curious...
unless you are beneath her in rank! An early picture in the coop, it has been revised since this pic was taken, since we now total 23!​
Sir Barnabus is our Roo, after having a struggle to rehab an aggressive roo, i learned a few things- your hens deserve a good roo, not a holy terror who will hurt and maim them, Barny changed the whole dynamics of the flock, they adore him and follow his lead. Rather than running away and stressing out, I have friendly hens again. He is a light Brahma
IMG_3078.jpg 24037_davebarny.jpg
this roo is a breed known as the 'Gentle Giants' he is only half grown and will beg for treats... he has never been agressive to anyone, but would defend his girls to the death.
IMG_0332.jpg Nimi 24037_lucy.jpg Lucy
I also have a banty flock, and recently have been focusing on the Cochins, while i have my earlier banties, Nimi and Lucy, I am adding more cochins

24037_snball.jpg Snowball, she is the culprit that stole my heart!

iz12sm.jpg ANd Isabelle, a cochin mix-

I also have 4 guineas and 4 ducks and a goose....