Chicks are doing great! And my DH is doing much better. The chicks are in their coop! They took to it fairly easily. I locked them in for a full day and night and let them out in the morning. The first night, it was still pretty cold and they wouldn't go in. They piled up in a corner of the pen under the coop. I had to go in and put them up, one by one. The next night, all but 3 went in on their own. Since then, they are in just before the sun goes down.

Finally can tell their sexes for sure. Not too bad, 5 girls and 3 boys in a random draw. Had to trade off two roosters. I kept the black and brown rooster. He's absolutely beautiful. Hope he's friendly when he's older. Still no signs of spurs. I have a pullet that looks similar to a dominecker but more of a lace pattern. Introducing the two new girls wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Got lucky I guess. The rooster was the only one to pick on either of the new girls, and he picked the biggest. He was going for her eye. She tolerated him for just a couple minutes, but then finally got tired of the frontal attacks and just pecked him 3 times in the top of the head. He ran away then and that ended it.

They are looking good and I'm looking forward to finding my first eggs. Not expecting any until the middle of September. Lol. I need to use this time to find some good egg recipes!