March 16, 2011
I have had a few experiences in the past year with my chickens. I have 3 free roamers that I let run around my barn. All my others are in a really nice coop my husband made. Last summer my sweet little Rooster "Rocky" dissappeared out of the blue. About a week or so later my husband called me at our store and told me we had a fox around. He was in our garden and my hen "Penny" came running around the corner and ran right to him with a fox on her tail. This fox had no fear. He pinned my hen down and my husband took his shovel and swung it at the fox. It did not faze him in the least that fox wanted my hen. Thankfully he let go of Penny and she ran the other way whiile my husband went after the fox. Guess I found out what happened to my Rocky after that. It took us hours to find Penny but we did and she was pretty shaken up. I checked her over she has some blood on her but no puncture wounds that I could see. For the next few days she was very quiet. Finally she started coming around and eating and drinking again. She recovered. Thank God. From that day on I only allow my chicken to go outside of the barn when I am mucking my horse stalls. I have a hard time parting with any of my birds and at that time I had my older Rooster "mufahsa" in a stall with another hen. The mice were becoming a huge problem so I put the hen that was with him back into the coop and let him become a Free Roamer. Him and Penny were like 2 teenagers in love. I would always find them in one of my horse stalls cuddling up together. She would lay under his breast it was precious. Penny was happier with Mufahsa then she was with Rocky it was obvious. My Mufahsa also was attacked a few years back he got all his tail feathers pulled out he could not fly. I nursed him back to health and he has become a very friendly rooster. He always was a good Rooster with his hens. Penny, Mufahsa and my Jenny are my 3 little bantams that greet me daily. They are the ones that have melted my heart and have gotten me to look at my chickens as pets now more then just egg layers.
I have never kept a blog before but I have lot's of things to tell......This is the start of my chicken stories.