HI!!! Sorry for the lame page but I'm planing on working on it.
A Little about myself: I haven't always loved chickens it all started March of 2008. In school we decided to raise some chickens from eggs to see how they developed. We started off with 24 eggs but only 11 made it to were they actually made it to hatching. I didn't really care at first until I looked in the brooder and 1 little chick was wanting me to pick it up and hold him. Of course I tried to ignore it but I started warming up to the little chick. So I picked him up and held him for a few minutes and it just started falling asleep. Thats when I got really attached to the little thing.
Weeks passed and the little chickens grew bigger. We lost one to some kid that squeezed it to hard and killed it. By this time I had gotten to attached to all of them I got really angry at the stupidness of this kid, but I couldn't do anything about it. A few days later the same freaking kid was in the room and messing with the chickens which were running from him. He caught the one that I have loved dearly and dropped it!!! As soon as e got in the the teacher yelled at him to get the beep out of there and he did. The chick I notice was bleeding on his waddles :( I went over and picked the poor little boy up(now I knew he was a boy) and he had a cut in his waddles :( I was so sad. The teacher let me take the rest of the day off to tend to my little boy.He turned out fine in the end but he still has a messed up waddle from that incident.
Months passed and it turned into June. The County fair was coming around and I brought Kernal(I named him) and his little pullet Sandy. We went to the fair but we had to wait 7 days until they judged him. After 7 days of being there from 4pm-10pm the judging day finally arrived. After the judge judged all of the chickens Kernal ended up taking Champion Cockral. I couldn't believe it!
Fro mthen on I was addicted to chickens. My new friends I made there didn't help either :p Hopefully this Spring I'll have some brand new chicks YAY!
Now if I could just figure out how to post up pictures :\