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Articles from Campine Lover

Hello, I have a small flock of chickens in California. My flock consists of 2 Rhode Island Reds, a Silver Laced Wyandotte, a White Silkie, a Bearded Blue Silkie, 1 Black Modern Game banty, 1 Black Sumatra, 1 Bearded Buff Laced Polish, 1 Golden Laced Polish, 1 Splash Polish, 1 Silver Lakenvelder, 1 Sussex, and1 Golden Campine. I am always wanting new birds, but I have a full coop, unfortunatly. I have a special interest in rare/exotic/unusual/endangered chickens. At one point I planned to...
Campine Golden Created by Campine Lover Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Friendly, good layers, CRITICALLY ENDANGERED! My pullet lays a double yolker every few eggs. Small, white eggs. Good flyers, very pretty and unusual in the show room. Gender Age Thumb Description / Information Female 3 we This is my Campine as a 3 week old. Pardon the other chick. The Campine is the brown striped one. Female 2 mon Female 3 mon This is with her buddies, a Black Sumatra...
My youngest ones foraging. Kimberly, the Campine. Muffin gives us a headshot. Mary Sunatra the Black Sumatra checks out the camera. The Gang sunbathes. Missy the OEGB. Sorry, my sister is nagging me to get off the laptop! More Pics coming soon!
LJ, my Quarter Horse Tobiano! Oliver, the Oldenburg out of a famous blood line! He's a big boy! Poor Squeak! Maine Coon kitty unusual, but cute (Dusty with Tucker) Tucker Poor puppy! Bonnie checks out the chickens from a safe distence Fish and reptiles and bugs are harder to get pics of!
Shows/Fairs County Fair- 5th, 6th Stockton Nationals (3,000 birds @ the show!!!)- 2nd (Showmanship), 2nd, 3rd Can't remember the name but- 5th (Showmanship)

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