Hello, I have a small flock of chickens in California. My flock consists of 2 Rhode Island Reds, a Silver Laced Wyandotte, a White Silkie, a Bearded Blue Silkie, 1 Black Modern Game banty, 1 Black Sumatra, 1 Bearded Buff Laced Polish, 1 Golden Laced Polish, 1 Splash Polish, 1 Silver Lakenvelder, 1 Sussex, and1 Golden Campine. I am always wanting new birds, but I have a full coop, unfortunatly. I have a special interest in rare/exotic/unusual/endangered chickens.
At one point I planned to breed Campines (Hence my name) but 1. No Roosters allowed in my neighborhood (the most hated law in chicken history!) and 2. The rooster turned out to be bow- legged (hatchery birds, although the hen was fine) I also show most of my birds. Here are the names/ ages- (they are all hens/pullets)
Margret- 1 1/2 yr old RIR Mable- 1 1/2 yr old RIR - Penguin- 1 1/2 yr old Silver Laced Wyandote
Sugar- 1 1/2 yr old Bearded Blue Silkie - Sarah Jo- 1 1/2 yr old White Silkie - Harriet- 2 yr old Black Modern Game banty -
Mary- 6 mo old Black Sumatra - Muffin- 6 mo old Bearded Buff Laced Polish -
Hey, I just noticed a lot of the names begin with "M" !

Chicks- 2 weeks old as of 8/30
Kiwi- Golden Laced Polish Jazmin- Silver Lakenvelder Kimberly- Golden Campine Saidy- Splash Polish Elizabeth- Speckled Sussex
For any other people who show chickens like me, I strongly suggest getting rare birds! You conserve the breeds, and there is not a lot of competition! :)

My wish list- Silver Campine, Mille Fluer colored OEGB's,Yokohama, La Fleche, Jersey Giant, Catalana, Faverolle, Houdan, Crevecoer, and the list goess on............

My Favorite Hatchery- My Pet Chicken
Pics are coming... my flock is not very photogenic! =)