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Articles from herechickchick

IN PROGRESS! The Delaware chicken was developed in, you guessed it, Delaware during the 1940's . The Delaware is a cross between a Barred Rock and a New Hampshire. The Delaware is a large, hardy, dual purpose bird which lays medium to large brown eggs. The Delaware is a very rare breed in the chicken world and is considered to be in critical condition by The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy with fewer than 500 breeding birds in the US and to be globally endangered. My Hen, Egglentine...
My name is Adam and I live in Memphis, TN. I enjoy working in my yard, painting pottery, and Spending time with my dogs. I currently have Delawares, Blue Andalusians, Speckled Sussex, Modern Game Bantams and many others. I love my chickens and have more on the way as well as hatching eggs. Here is my favorite girl, Merryweather a Blue Andalusian. Here is Cornelius my Red Pyle Modern Game Bantam And a few pics. of my flock.

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