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Articles from marthas_ear

Martha's Ear [URL="http://www.paws-n-praise.com"]www.paws-n-praise.com[/URL] marthas-digitalstories.blogspot.com Captain's Log Date: April 1, 2009 I am near Driftwood, Texas. I raised banty cochins about 15 yrs ago til the coop got worn out and raccoons and possums figured it out. I had 6 to begin, then got a rooster. I would let them eat bugs in my garden...other than eating my strawberries, it was a good arrangement...they did little damage to my veggies. My way is in no way the best way to do this...it is the...
They grow up so QUICK....well, not so much the banties. Coop - one month old: 2 RIRXDel and 4 jap/coch banties live here. Freckles and Ruby at 2 months old towering over the banties who are a week older. Thinking I have 2 roosters in the banty flock.
October 2009 Started out with 4 RIRXDel pullets and 2 Japanese/cochin pullets and 2 roos. 2 RIRX's died as chicks (Drafts?) and the dog ate 2 banties.

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