Martha's Ear

Captain's Log Date: April 1, 2009
I am near Driftwood, Texas. I raised banty cochins about 15 yrs ago til the coop got worn out and raccoons and possums figured it out.
I had 6 to begin, then got a rooster. I would let them eat bugs in my garden...other than eating my strawberries, it was a good arrangement...they did little damage to my veggies.

My way is in no way the best way to do this...it is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way for me.
Starting up with chickens again... Delaware X RIR- 4 pullets

Recycled privacy fence panels inside a 10X10' dog run.
Just using stuff I had around.

Week old-new arrivals- brooder is plastic storage bin for 4 pullets.
Heat is red 100 W bulb as they are in my bathroom.
Will move to shed with heat lamp 250 degrees when danger of freeze is over! 39 last night 4/6/09 in Austin area!!!

I moved the bin higher to warm them up a little bit more (95)
Got rid of newspaper and replaced with wood chips when I saw they wouldn't eat the wood chips. They figured out where the food was pretty quick.

2 weeks old! Added poultry electrolytes to water...my how they grew.
Moved them into bottom dog crate- put old window screen on top for brooder. As they get wing and tail feathers, they are flapping around more and need more room.

Temperature is about 88 degrees this week, though over night it was lower.

"Don't eat me! You won't eat me will you?"