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Articles from playswithfowl

Hi, my name is AJ. I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I have a small backyard flock of chickens. I raise my girls as pets with eggs being a definite bonus! I am currently going into my 4th year in 4-h, and I LOVE it!!! My bantams consist of:Black Rosecomb-Belle, Blue Wyandotte-Grace, Frizzled Rhode Island Red-Hazel,a Partridge Wyandotte-Maya, Buff Silkie- Lena, Black Rosecomb Lucia, Columbian Wyandotte-Keri, Quail d'Anver-Cecilia, Speckled Sussex-Piper, and another Quail...
I no longer have my Cream Brabanters. I don't have the time or place to effectively breed and raise these wonderful birds. Fellow BYC member andalusn now has my birds, and they are doing great! I hope to have more of these birds someday, they are wonderful!

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