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Our Chicken Coop/Garden compound. I made the floor 8x16 from 2x4 treated lumber and covered with vinyl. Walls going up. Standard 2x4's with a treated floor plate. Roof construction Back door. Used for coop cleaning and added ventilation in the summer. The screen and board are easily removed with a few screws. Roofing material is Ondura roofing panels. Roosts and feeder I made. The feeder holds 300# of feed. Roost boards are 2x3's and yes they do use the little steps. Nesting...
Our New Whizbang chicken plucker, In live action!
Oreo our first rooster. One of our Red Girls Our First Hatched Chick! Ebony.. Oreo is the daddy.. one of our red hens is the momma. Our 2nd hatched Chick, Ivory Ebony and Ivory with their Momma , they are her first babies... we are sooooo proud of her! Ebony and Ivory, growing up so fast! While Momma was sitting on her clutch of eggs.. we got 12 other chicks.. they are about 1 1/2 weeks older
While the chickens were out free ranging this guy flew into the chicken run. Gently caught him.

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