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Articles from redhawkou812

What came first....the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, the shell. Well, it was the chicken. We'd been talking about chickens ever since we first bought the property. So this year, we just did it. Now what do we do with them? For my Dear Sainted Wife, nothing fancy, just make it work. For me, when I build something I want it to last. I don't like patchin' things up. I don't mind routine maintenance, or additions or the like, but the basic structure is here to stay. Soooooo,...
Our Bear Hollow Chickens Dad teaches us that hands are things that bring goodies! Our first day outside - we're not real sure about all this, but the bugs sure are nice. Ms Red is ready to take a nap! Ms Red amd Mr Roo inspect dad's work while Ms White inspects mom's camera.

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