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Hello!! We are just a normal Alaskan family enjoying life and spending it with our 3 wonderful Kids, 5 dogs,2 goats,2 ducks,2 turkeys and 25 baby chicks!!!! What more can you ask for!! Our Home 5 Dogs...Here our new addition 6 week old mastiff puppy!!! Our Goats New Ducks/Turkey/Baby Chicks..
They are loving our wonderful Alaskan wheather!! We are enjoying our new additions soo much! Chickens,Turkeys,and Ducks all get along YAY!!
All of our Birds are now 5 months old. Our Beautiful Tom that will unfortunatly be thanksgiving dinner. You can also see in the back our Malards My First egg!! It came from one of my Buffs :) so far she is the only one laying and she is laying one every other day!!! This is the lady that started laying!!! Other ladies should start laying any day now!!

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