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Ava my Pretty Hen

By OrpieLover31 · Apr 7, 2013 ·
  1. OrpieLover31
    Ava my Pretty Hen​

    I got Ava when one of my hens went broody. I got her along with 3 others. From the start she has always been one of my favorites! When she was a little chick she was defiantly my hens favorite! She always hopped on my hens back to hitch a ride! There is something about her that I just love! She does not like being handled but she will come near me to peck my butt!
    She has always been really curious! One time she pecked at the camera! I was not happy with that! I really love her color though! She is a Lavender Orpington. Most of my birdies are! If you look at her feathers really close you can actually see some lavender colored feathers! She has perfect shape (to me) and she is the most fluffiest Lavender I have!

    [​IMG] Here she is at 6 months old

    [​IMG]She is 3 months old in this one

    [​IMG]3 months again

    Ava is now 7 months old! I am now just waiting until she finally lays an egg! Should be ay day now! I am still thinking if I should breed her or not.







    Ava is special to me! I love her a bunch! I dont care if she pecks my booty or doesn't like being handled! She means a lot to me!

    Thanks for reading!

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