Our 6 chicks spent their first night in the new coop on Easter! The coop wasn't done - but it was done enough. We used plans from www.thegardencoop.com to construct this. The chicks were about 8 weeks old when they moved outside. We were a little nervous about their adjustment to the new coop and the outside temps so we left a heat light on for the first week or so.
As it got warmer we cut a window in the hen house so we could see them (and they could see us). They were not pleased with our working in the hen house and were busy investigating what we were doing and defending their space. It was funny how they would not give us space to work.

Checking out the new window. Hardware cloth was installed shortly after this photo was taken -- but it wasn't easy to get the ladies to back-off. They had trouble the first few days with the ramp to the hen house -- but they figured it out and all is well. They free range when we are home -- but we are afraid local predators will snatch them up so we don't have them outside the coop when we aren't home.

Enjoying their first taste of oatmeal. Yum! Here are the ladies: 2 Reds, 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Arucanas (though they don't look like other arucanas... they aren't white - but they have the puffy cheek feathers). From bottom left clockwise: Ranger, Silver, Cinnabun, Ginny, Hermione, and Punky. (10 weeks)

This is the final coop! All stained/weather treated. Feeders hanging and the chicken free rangin' as we hang laundry. Super fun addition to our backyard! Each night they head on in to the hen house on thier own and then jostle for roost position. You can watch a short video here:

This evening a (wild) turkey and her chick joined our little flock for an evening run around. Sooo funny. We got a kick out of it. The chickens tried to be brave and not let the turkey move in on their turf, but really... well... they were no match for a GIANT turkey. (6/2/2011)