Hi everybody!!! Ur looking at my page!!! Read on for more....
I am willing to chat about anything random--just socializing is fine.

I am a person looking for a certain amount of chickens all around the same age. Preferrably, I would like them hovering around a month old, and I want a few of them. Like, maybe a rooster and six hens. Or two roosters and six hens. Or five hens. I'm hovering within like eight chickens in all, possibly? Well, if you live somewhere near Maryland and you're willing to give your babies to a good home with much love, then just message me and I'll get down there soon as I can.
If anybody is willing to tell me about the chicken poopoo handling, getting it out of the coop, what kind of bedding to use, and other things like that, please, please, please please message me! (Currently we empty out the chickens and then powerwash the coop.)
Any suggestions or maybe some advice on raising chickens, please message me!!!--maybe like the best bedding, food, coop, and environment, unbringing, anything and I'll take it to heart.--most likely.
Well, I'm done talking to you know, and thanks for looking at My Page!!!!!!