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Aymitellis Page

By Aymitelli · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Aymitelli
    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the BYC website and just started raising some baby chicks in June 2010 ( Starting with 3-day old baby chicks - a Barred Plymouth Rock, a Rhode Island Red and a Welsummer). Mostly here at the site to glean pearls of wisdom from those of you that are experienced in raising chickens and to give back, if I can, as I share my experiences. I'm all about ensuring that I do what I can to raise happy and healthy chickens in Western NY (City of Rochester). I'm really looking forward to the process and the destination. Please feel free to pop me a line if there's something I might be able to do to be helpful in your adventure too! :) Let the fun begin! [​IMG]

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