Hello BYC! We are a couple of chicken lovers who decided to start a little urban flock in "Enter town here" AZ.
We started off with a RIR named Betsy. Betsy needed a friend so we picked up a beautiful Leghorn named .Alice
The two lived together for a while until Betsy passed away.

Now lonely Alice needed a companion. We found two sweet Bantam Cochins named Trixie and Roxie.
The 3 hens are enjoying life here in the suburbs.

We had a nice little coop for the hens but wanted something easier to work in.
So we moved up from a 4x8x4 condo into a 16x8x5 two room custom home.

has become broody and is insistent on hatching some eggs.Roxie
We decided to adopt some Jersey Giant eggs for her to hatch.
She seems to have managed to get all of them crammed under her so we are hoping for the best.