I am 19, my name is Samantha I live on a organic farm about 3 miles north and we have 2 greenhouses, 2 luvabull pitbulls, and one mean chiweene. :) I try to do as much as I can to spread the word of supporting local farms and how it really does help the enviorment and our communitys.
We have a variety of chickens. A janenese longtail rooster, Some black and white speckled rooster and a leghorn rooster. All noisy and rough with our ladies. We have two americauna hens, one white and one blue. Then we have our mill'e fluer de'unccle??? I think thats how you say it.. Any way she is pretty and she really has been through a lot. She is our oldest hen. Then last but not least we have our leghorn mama. and she hatched out 7 little fuzzys about 3 weeks ago. We have no clue what the chicks are and we can only get close enough to see we have 4 little yellow ones and 3 blackish grey ones. :)