We really liked the "Playhouse" coop that many members posted on this website, so I went ahead and built one for our chickens. I didn't buy the plan, but I got ideas from pictures of the "Playhouse" coop on this site and drew my own plan... So, thanks to everyone who posted pictures of their "Playhouse" coop!
I heavily modified it to fit my needs, so it's actually bigger than the 4'x8' version, and is quite a bit taller (about 8.5 feet tall). I also gave it a strong double layer roof (OSB on the bottom and Tuflex on top), because it gets pretty hot and windy in my area...
It took me about 2 weeks to build everything by myself, and since I took my time and did my research to find the cheapest materials possible (buying stuff that were on sale or on clearance), the cost was around $250.00 for everything... Here it is:


Got some linoleum tiles for the coop floor to make cleaning a bit easier. Also note that I hinged the front panel so that it could swing out for easy cleaning.

The outer and upper roosts can be seen here, along with the ceiling and roof supports.

The lower roost and the inside of the egg door. The nest box is not put in yet, since the chickens won't be laying for a while.

The two roosts (upper and lower) can be seen here along with the plexiglass window.

The chickens appear to be happy with their new home.


Thank you for viewing my coop page. Have a blessed day!