Hi, I am once again starting from scracth(chicken scracth). I raised chickens as a child on a small hobby farm with my parents andsiblings west of Janesville, Wi. We had ducks and geese and chickens along with goats and I even had a pony. In about 2006 I got a few chicks. I live near Madison in the city of Fitchburg. Not knowing what the Fitchburg zoningwas for animal husbandry at the time I went by Madisons chicken rules. I got 4 chicks one of which tuterrned out to be a male so we found a nice home for him in the country. The farm owner even sent us photos of him with the rest of her flock. I raised wild mallard ducks to adulthood and let them go after watching there mother being killed by two hawks. I found the eggs under a bush and went and bought an encubator on the way home. And now I have read the Fitchburg animal husbandry codes for urban agraculture and now that the nest is empty, I have decided to get more chickens. I will be going to Murry McMurry hatchery in Iowa this weekend to get the breads I so want. I better get some chick starter for the way home in the car.