Backyard Chicken Taj

By raely · Oct 25, 2014 · ·
  1. raely



    This is our little backyard project. Good for a flock of 8-10. Found and modified a design online. This one is predator proof and easy to keep.
    Notice that the bottom is enclosed with heavy bird wire that is buried about 18 inches deep. Our flock is locked in when we are away from home but they still have a small safe place to get outside.
    Also easy access for egg gathering from the back of the coop to the nest.
    The roof is a rubberized mat product sold at Lowes. It is easy to install and overlaps for less cutting.

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  1. raely
    I'll post some soon. They were in the coop at the time.
  2. crazyfeathers
    Nice coop, excellent color choices. Where are pictures of your girls?

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