I am a old guy living in northern Door County in Wisconsin. For you peeps that are not from the Mid-west Door County is the primo Chicago resort and is the Thumb that sticks into Lake Michigan above where the Green Bay Packers play.

I just started fooling around with chickens this last year. I got some Bob White quail and tried to hatch some Red Jungle Fowl and Sumatras but had problems with them hatching. As a result I ended up with only 1 RJF cock and 2 Sumatras out of about 4 dozen eggs. That was really dissapointing after spending $120 or so on a incubater.
I also have a few Seramas as pet and had the same hatch problems with them. The Seramas are just pets and they are really fine pets----talk to me all the time and are almost better then a dog.

The Quail I am going to try and raise and release in the neighbors woods and see if they and make it through our winter---its been a hard one this year.

I am looking for a home for my RJF if anyone wants one. He is just too pretty to kill--I think I will save him for the fair and show him if no one wants him.

Thanks for looking.