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By Bama1 · Feb 24, 2013 · Updated Feb 11, 2015 · ·
  1. Bama1
    6+ bantam Orpington hatching eggs, Partridge Roo over black hens.
    6+ Bama's BEST (B.lue (legbar, crossed with) S.ulmT.aler Big Meat & Big Eggs


    Hobby swaps I've done
    Crochet Grab Bag swap sent
    Late Winter Quilt block swap March 1 due date sent
    New Spring quilt block swap sent
    Winter Granny Square swap sent
    Nov/Dec 2012 Ornament Swap sent

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  1. Dorthia
    Hi I want eggs from those green eggs layers. Do they auto-sex please let me know !

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